Rangeela - DVD

Rangeela - DVD
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Rangeela - DVD

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English Subtitles

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Cast:Aamir Khan, Urmila Matondkar


Mili (Urmila) is a group dancer working in films. She is very ambitious and wants to become a top actress. Munna( Aamir Khan), her neighbor and friend, is a happy go lucky person who males his living selling cinema tickets in black. He takes life as it comes and is generally quite content except his love for Mili. He is in love with Mili but is too scared to tell her because knowing how ambitious Mili is, he fears rejection. Kamal (Jackie Shroff) is a moody movie star, who one day, happens to see Mili dancing and he is impressed with her that he recommends her to a film producer for a main opposite him. On hearing this Mili gets excited and Munna helps her in preparation for the screen test. Mili passes the test and they celebrate the success. But little did Munna realize that this success can take his loved one away from him and neither did Kamal realize that the professional decision taken by him in recommending Mili will one day bring out his personal feelings toward her. Amidst all this Mili is at the height of her happiness having all her dreams come true and is oblivious to the feelings that Kamal and Munna have for her.