Main Aisa Hi Hoon - DVD

Main Aisa Hi Hoon - DVD
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Main Aisa Hi Hoon- DVDDirector: Herry Baweja

Producer: Pammi Baweja

Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Lyrics: Sameer

Starring: Actor / Actress- Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, Esha Deol, Anupam Kher

Sub Titles in: English

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Synopsis: Indraneel Thakur, or Neel (Ajay Devgan) as he's fondly known by the townspeople is a grown-up man with the brain of a seven year-old child. Heart-breakingly innocent, kind and with a generosity of spirit that few can rival, Neel is the darling of a small town he lives in. Life, for him, is a fable and the world a fairy-tale setting where no wrong or no evil can ever penetrate. The nucleus of his world is his seven-year-old daughter, Gungun, (Baby Rucha Vaidya) whom he loves beyond explanation. Friends, the owner of the books & coffee shop he works in and his landlady form the rest of his world. Gungun's mother, Maya Trivedi (Esha Deol) had entered Neel's life like a mysterious breeze and left just as inexplicably, after giving birth to the child. And for seven years after that, Neel and Gungun just had each other to live for. Their world was happy, albeit not picture-perfect. But none of their troubles were so large that they couldn't be surmounted by Neel's simple and fabulously sensible approach. In this idyllic world, on eve of Gungun's seventh birthday entered a storm - in the form of Maya's father - Dayanath Trivedi. The old man who's just learned about the presence of Gungun had flown down from London to claim his granddaughter. The first meeting between Neel and Trivedi doesn't go too well, and Trivedi slaps a lawsuit on Neel - for custody of the little child. Neel can feel his world shattering around him and his decision to search for the best lawyer in town land him at the office of Neeti Khanna (Sushmita Sen). Recently discovered, embittered, terribly ambitious, with a son whom she inadvertently de-priorities to the point of neglect, Neeti is a far cry from the role model for Neel's case. At first terribly resistant to take up Neel's case, she finally is broken down by Neel's sincerity and his unflinching love for his little daughter. To her great surprise, Neeti finds herself learning many lessons from Neel, and decides to take up his case.