Naya Daur -Colored-DVD 2 disc Set-2007

Naya Daur -Colored-DVD 2 disc Set-2007
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Naya Daur (Color, 2 Disc Set) - DVD

Actor/Actress-Dilip Kumar,Chand Usmani, Johnny Walker, Jeevan, Nazir Hussain, Vyjayanthimala

Director B.R. Chopra

Brand/Distributor Shemaroo

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

Bonus Features:

1.Signatures of Dilip Kumar and Vyajantimala 2.Celebrity Interviews- Karan Johar, Javed Akhtar,Yash Chopra, Ramesh Sippy and Ravi Chopra 3.Deleted Scenes- 16 mins 4.B R Chopra in conversation with Yash Chopra 5.Dilip Kumar and Asha Bhosle speak about Naya Daur

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A story about love, friendship and social justice, Naya Daur tells the tale of two friends, Shankar the ‘tangawala’ and Krishna the woodcutter, who turn foes over the love of Rajni. Conflicts arise when Kundan, the city-bred son of Seth Maganlal in his greed for quick profits mechanizes the saw mill and brings misery to the once happy village of Karanpur. The incidents which then unfold give rise to an emotional and economic upheaval that provides the dramatic thrills and the story’s moral- that it is wrong to misuse the immense potentialities of the machine to create prosperity by making it create money for the sake of few and generate unhappiness and misery for thousands.