Rakshaa Bandhan - DVD

Rakshaa Bandhan - DVD
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Rakshaa Bandhan - DVD

Starring/Cast: Dulari, Jairaj, Lalita Pawar, Nazir, Sachin, Sarika

Director: Shantilal Soni

Subtitles : English

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Madhav & Pravati saved Naagrani from the clutches of snake charmer and Naagrani blessed them with a baby girl. Without enjoying even little of parenthood they expired suddenly. Little Asha grew up with God fearing uncle, sympathetic cousin and hot lips of aunty, who gave her a tough time.

Once on Rakshaa Bhandhan she preached Naagraja for having a brother and the thirst was quenched by Naagbhai send by Naagrani. During her cousin's wedding she meet Amar. They indeed, were in love, but again Asha was proved to be an unfortunate girl as Amar's mother refused their marriage. But her Naagbhai took care of everything and they got married. Destiny again played its role in Asha's happy married life, when a family astrologer told her that Amar will die after six months. How did Naagbhai support helpless Asha? How did Naagbhai kept the respect of Rakhi tied on his wrist by Asha? To know all this, watch our film RAKSHAA BHANDHAN.