Dhool Ka Phool - DVD

Dhool Ka Phool - DVD
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Dhool Ka Phool - DVD

Actor/Actress : Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinha, Nanda, Ashok Kumar and Mehmood

Director Yash Chopra

Brand/Distributor Yashraj

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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Dhool Ka Phool is about the searing stigma of illegitimacy and an impassioned plea for communal harmony. Roshan is the illegitimate and abandoned son of Mahesh and Meena, who is brought up by a kind old man, Abdul chacha who finds the little child.

Meanwhile, Mahesh has moved on in life, not only happily married becoming the now illegitimate father of Ramesh but also a respected magistrate. Meena, on the other hand, tries to forget her past by marrying a kind-hearted lawyer, Jagdish. Three lives whose path it seems has gone three separate directions... till life takes over and makes their paths cross. Do Mahesh and Meena recognize their long-lost son? Will Abdul chacha have to give up his darling son to his "real" parents? Will Roshan ever shake off the scars of illegitimacy?