Zanjeer - Dvd--Amitabh Jaya

<b>Zanjeer - Dvd--Amitabh Jaya<b>
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Zanjeer - DVD

Director: Prakash mehra


Sub Titles in: English

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The chain. It is unbreakable and very old -20 years old- and each day, each night and every minute of Vijay’s (Amitabh Bachchan) life have becomes its links- these links encircle his brain like the grip of a snake.Vijay’s father had gone astray. And when he wanted to reform his ways - he & his wife were cold-bloodedly murdered before the eyes of his son- all this has left horrifying picture in the mind of young Vijay. Years pass away. Vijay grows up under the care of a Police officer, who not only hates crime but despises criminals.Sherkhan (Pran) runs his gambling dens in the area under the charge of Vijay & Sherkhan is a terror in the area. They meet like bloodthirsty enemies, but turn into lifelong friends -Sherkhan closes down all his gambling dens.Incidents of deaths due to poisonous illicit liquor are constantly worrying the authorities. Inspite of their best efforts, the police are still unable to trace