Pardesi Babu - DVD

Pardesi Babu -  DVD
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Pardesi Babu - DVD

Actor/Actress : Govinda, Raveena, Shilpa Shetty

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Raju is a youth with a heart of gold. Simple, honest, truthful and sincere. Circumstances force him to leave his village and he arrives in Mumbai to earn a living. Raju falls in love with Cheeni, daughter of a billionaire. Both develop a liking for each other and decide to marry. But the father puts a condition that he must earn one crore rupees within a year or else he should forget Cheeni. Raju arrives in Darjeeling to do business, where he meets Karuna, who is as simple as he is. She mistakes his care and affection for love. The story takes a dramatic turn when Raju is forced to accept the hand of Karuna