Naya Zamana - DVD

Naya Zamana - DVD
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Naya Zamana - DVD

A yash Raj Production

Music - S.D.Burman

Actor/Actress : Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Pran, Mehmood, Lalita Pawar and Ashok Kumar

Director Pramod Chakravorty

Brand/Distributor Yashraj

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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Naya Zamana is the story of a young man's war for hope, against despair, for a new world where there is fairness and justice. Anoop (Dharmendra) is poor but educated and attacks the ruthless exploitation of the poor by the rich, head on with his speeches and his writing. He warns his sister Rekha (Aruna Irani) that if she goes to her rich friend Seema's (Hema Malini) party with a small cheap present, she will be ridiculed. Rekha goes to the party and is insulted. When Seema comes to their home to ask forgiveness, Anoop refuses to do so. By a coincidence, without knowing who the employer is, Anoop gets a job at Seema's brother Rajan's (Pran) office as a publicity officer. When Anoop finds out the identity of the scheming, ruthless Rajan, he quits. Rajan brings him back, begging forgiveness and promising to publish Anoop's novel "Naya Zamana", a mirror of the dreams of the poor. Seema, reads the manuscript and moved by its intensity and honesty, falls in love with Anoop. But when the book is published, it has Rajan's name on it. Will Anoop fight on? Will he get the justice that his book and his people deserve?