Ankur - DVD

Ankur - DVD
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Ankur - DVD

Director: Shyam benegal

Starring: Shabana Azmi, Sadhu Meher, Anant Nag

Sub Titles in: English


Surya (Anant Nag) the college going son os a well-to-do farmer (Kader Ali Baig) is firced into giving up his studies in order to care for the family property. He is married against his will to a young girl Saru (Priya Tendulkar)who will join him when she reaches puberty. Bored and lonely in his farm house, Surya finds himself attracted to Laxmi(Shabana Azmi) his servant, wife of a poor deaf-mute potter. Laxmi spurns Surya's advances. Kishtaya is caught stealing toddy, a crime for which he is punished. Humiliated he runs away from the village. Laxmi. Now quite destitute gives in to Surya promises to look after her.