Safar - DVD(Rajesh Khanna)

Safar - DVD(Rajesh Khanna)
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Safar - DVD

Starring/Cast: Rajesh khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Feroz Khan, Ashok Kumar

Director: Asit Sen

Subtitles : English

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Avinash and Neela are medical students. They are going steady and hope to marry, but their dreams are shattered when it is revealed that Avinash has terminal cancer. Avinash refuses to marry Neela as he feels she has no future with a dying man, and he forces her to marry Shekhar. Shekhar, however, is jealous that his wife once loved Avinash. He neglects his business and loses heavily and finally commits suicide. She is accused of murder, but finally is acquitted. She continues her medical practice to become a surgeon. One day, Avinash comes back to her to die in her arms. She continues her journey of her life working selflessly for others.