Saatwan Aasman - DVD

Saatwan Aasman - DVD
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Saatwan Aasman - DVD

Director: Mahesh Bhatt

Producer: Pranlal Mehta

Music: Raam Laxman

Starring: Vivek Mushran, Pooja Bhatt, Shekar Kapoor, Tej Sapru, Tanvi Azmi, Avtar Gill

Sub Titles in: English

Synopsis: One who is born is bound to die. Death is a reality and various people cope with it in their own way. Most of us tend to take it as distant reality and live life leisurely postponing matters and issues to tomorrow. Not so in the case of Pooja and Suraj. Tehy learnt in advance that at the most they had a lease of six months on life and that too at a tender age. Rather than waiting for death to stirke they decided to meet it headlong. They decided to compress sixty years in those six months and take whatever life has to offer, can offer to anybody who goes through a normal life span.