Run - DVD

Run - DVD
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Producer: Boney Kapoor

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Bhoomika Chawla

Sub Titles in: English

Synopsis: Run is a simple film about complex situations, in which people learn different things about life, about themselves and about others. Love and hate, laugh and cry, live and learn; it has it all. Siddharth (Abhishek Bachchan) finds himself at a stage in life where this run assumes significance like never before. Leaving behind his cocoon in Agra he reaches Delhi hoping to turn hid aspirations into reality. Here he meets the beautiful Jhanavi (Bhoomika Chaula) whose innocence takes his breath away. But little does he know that she carries with her an excess baggage that threatens to take his life away. This excess baggage is Jhanavi's demonic brother Ganpat Chowdhary (Mahesh Manjerekar) whose possessiveness of his sister spells pure poison. The hand that dares to touch Jhanavi's heart just has to be cut. But Siddharth is the owner of awe-inspiring might that is hard to ignore. And thus begins a racy battle of one-up man ship between the two equally motivated men. Both of whom are used to getting what they want. Anytime. Every time. No matter what…! Ganpat leaves no stones unturned to make life hell for Siddharth. Finally something fateful happens and Siddharth devises a foolproof way to combat devious Ganpat. A way that has no parallel! It is the unique way that will make Siddharth's Run a victorious one. And true victory is attained only when the Run ends… Run in a remake of a Tamil film of the same name starring Madhvan and Meera Jasmine in lead roles where Atul Kulkarni played the role of the vicious brother. Jeeva who directs the Hindi version was the cinematographer of the Tamil film as well.