Aaj Aur Kal - DVD

Aaj Aur Kal - DVD
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Aaj Aur Kal - DVD

Star Cast Sunil Dutt, Ashok Kumar,Raj Kumar,Agha,Dhumal,Deven Verma,Nanda,Tanuja

Director Vasant Joglekar

Producer Panchadeep Chitra

Music Director Ravi

Print type Color

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Synopsis: Sir Balbir Singh, the king of Himmatpur. Its palaces and the splendour of its ruler was the envy of the people of the kingdom and other states. Yet within the palace walls the atmosphere was stifling to say the least. The king lived a world of his own making, all formality and procedures. His daughters Hemlata and Ashalata were desperate. Hemlata was pining death, while Ashalata was on the lookout to run away from it all. With the entry of young Dr. Sanjay into the palace things became to change His youth and energy won him many admirers. Soon Hemlata and the doctor were in love, but the king would have none of it. A commoner, even a doctor could not love his daughter. With the dawn of independence, all the princely states, one by one, acceded to the Republic of India. Himmatpur was no exception. But Sir Balbir Singh continued to live in a world of his own. He was no longer a king, but a common citizen. This refusal could only result in a clash.