Aan Milo Sajna - DVD

Aan Milo Sajna - DVD
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Aan Milo Sajna

Star Cast Rajesh Khanna,Vinod Khanna,Rajendra Nath,Jr.Mehmood,Asha Parekh,Nirupa Roy

Director Mukul Dutt

Producer J.Om Prakash

Music Director Laxmikant Pyarelal

Print type Color

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Varsha, the only daughter of a retired judge accepts Leena's invitation to visit. But there is a catch. She has to pose as a poor girl, and get employment in the house of Anil, a rich industrialist. All in the name of helping a friend. There is more to come. Anil asks Varsha to pose as his fianc placate his mother. And Varsha falls in love with Ajit, a sworn enemy of the Chowdhrys, Anil,s family. But true love has strange ways of getting at the truth. When Anil finds that his mother is on the verge of cutting him off from the family fortune, and realizes that Varsha is also slipping out of his hands, he becomes desperate. And desperate situations, ask for desperate measures. Anil wants to win, no matter what. Things are headed for a show down.