Aap Ke Sath - DVD

Aap Ke Sath - DVD
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Aap Ke Sath - DVD

Star Cast Anil Kapoor, Vinod Mehra, Utpal Dutt,Smita Patil, Rati Agnihotri

Director J.Om Prakash

Producer J.Om Prakash

Music Director Laxmikant Pyarelal

Print type Color


Ashok and Vimal are more friends than brothers. Their grand father, K. K. is their friend, philosopher and guide. Ashok has fallen in love with a simple village girl, Ganga, while Vimal loves Deepa, an orphan, who runs an old people's home in the city. When grand father in his wisdom, selects Deepa as the bride for his elder grand son, Vimal pretends to be drunk and insults Deepa, thinking she would leave him and marry Ashok. But events sometimes, turn everything upside down. Vimal is believed to be killed in an accident, survives and pretends to be involved with Ganga, to convince his grandfather. And when Ashok, tries to save his brother from marrying a notch girl, he finds that.