Aap Ki Kasam - DVD

Aap Ki Kasam - DVD
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Aap Ki Kasam - DVD

Director: J. Om Prakash

Producer: J. Om Prakash

Music: R.D. Burman

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz & Sanjeev Kumar

Sub Titles in: English Subtitle

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Kamal, a poor boy with high ambitions, marries Sunita, the only daughter of a rich barrister. They are deeply in love. Kamal manages to get a good job, with the help of his friend, Mohan. Everything is hunky dory. Till, suspicion creeps in. A chance sighting of a man creeping away from his bungalow sets Kamal on the path of suspicion.Is he the victim? Or is it his imagination? Is Sunita the victim or the wrongdoer? Is Mohan, the third angle of an unfortunate triangle?

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