Aetbaar - DVD

Aetbaar - DVD
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Aetbaar - DVD

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Director: Vikram Bhatt

Producer: Vikram Bhatt

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu

Sub Titles in: English


Love can Kill... Father and Daughter - one of life's most beautiful relationships. Happy moments, treasured memories, sworn secrets, shared sorrows right from the arrival of the princess to the time she moves to her own kingdom... and even more. But what of the father's greatest fear- theman in his daughter's life? Who is to draw the line between care and over-protection? Dr. Malhotra believes he is just simply a protective parent while his daughter Ria believes he's simply possessive. All is well. Till Aryan walks into their life. Aryan - the epitome of all the values that Ria's father abhors. Wild, unpredictable, overpowering, obsessive. But he is just what Ria's been waiting for - intriguing - magnetic, sensitive. Aryan has only one mission in life - being love with Ria. Nothing else matters. Soon begins a war of ideologies, desires, wits. Dr. Malhotra go to convince his only child that she's headed towards disaster?