Aakheer - DVD

Aakheer -  DVD
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Aakheer - DVD

Starring : Anil Nagrath, Divya Dwivedi, Prabha Sinha, Pramod Moutho, Prithvi, Ravi Kissen, Siddharth Dhawan, Vijay Arora

Director : Bhisham Kohli

Producer : Bhisham Kohli

Lyrics : Bhisham Kohli

Genre : Drama

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A small time criminal turns to become D.K., a powerful don D.K. and his men induce fear and exploit the innocent. People live in fear of D.K. He has become a terror even to those who made him so. A young man Prashant is trapped to eliminate D.K. He does so and himself becomes don, but different from D.K. He helps people and teach than to live with dignity, honour and without fear.