Abhimanyu - DVD

Abhimanyu -  DVD
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Abhimanyu - DVD

Starring : Anil Kapoor, Anita Raj, Aruna Irani, Guddi Maruti, Kimi Katkar, Poonam Dhillon, Shafi Inamdar, Shakti Kapoor

Director : Mahesh Bhatt

Producer : Tito

Lyrics : Anjaan, Farooq Kaiser, Indeevar

Genre : Drama

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Abhimanyu means the master of all arts and so is our hero Mannu (short for Abhimanyu), a village lad of astounding humanity and humility. When henchmen of a money lender Parvati Devi beat an old farmer, Abhimanyu could not tolerate the injustice. He beats the henchman red and blue. Infuriated by the insult, Parvati first asks Mannu's father to repay the loan, which Mannu promptly does. But Parvatidevi's son Pannalal refuses to have received it. Mannu is provoked to the saturation point and gives Pannalal a severe beating. Pannalal avenges the insult by raping Mannu's sister Tulsi. When Tulsi tries to commit suicide, Mannu vows to get his sister married to Pannalal. Geeta, Pannalal's snobbish sister jeers at Mannu whenever they come face to face. As time passes, Mannu and Tulsi become successful as pop singer Abhimanyu and Cali. Geeta and Pannalal marry Mannu and Tulsi. When Panna & Geeta realise that Abhimanyu and Cali are in fact Mannu and Tulsi, Panna tortures Tulsi for this betrayal. Tulsi however keeps her mouth shut. To know how Mannu gets his sister the love of her husband, watch Abhimanyu.