Amaanat - DVD

Amaanat  -  DVD
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Amaanat - DVD

Starring: Actor / Actress - Sanjay Dutt,Akshay Kumar,Kiran Kumar, Gulshan Grover,Mukesh Khanna,Kanchan

Director - Raj N.Sippy

Producer - Romu N.Sippy

Music Director - Bappi Lahiri

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Vijay is lovable young boy who lives in a village. Because he is kind to the villagers, he is at logger-heads with the evil minds of the village. When the village faces a severe drought, Vijay is forced to go to the city to get a tube well to help his thirsty villagers. Here he meets Amar who sympathises with him and under stands his difficulties. Vijay clears all the obstacles in his path and completes his mission of taking a tube well back to his village.