Avgat - DVD

Avgat - DVD
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Avgat - DVD

Director: Mohan Sharma

Music: Surendra Kohli

Starring: Actor / Actress - Sayaji Shinde, Ajinkya Deo, Rohini Hathangadi, Sudesh Berry

Audio: Stereo AC3

Sub Titles in: English

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What he wanted was a better life, what he got was worse kind of death. "Avgat" is the story of Ramakant Narvekar a.k.a. Ramya, who as child quits education and starts selling cinema tickets in black in order to provide a better life to his poor mother and siblings. In the beginning Ramya is groomed in the illegal trade by Narayan Keni, an ambitious fellow who slowly paves hi way into crime and becomes a notorious figure in the underworld yet, the liaison between Narayan and Ramya does not end and Narayan keeps using Ramya to solve hurdles in the way of his political growth, which includes killing. No amount of reasoning from his family or Sudha- the girl who secretly loves him can persuade Ramya to quit crime now. Virtually his immediate family now consists of three other fellow criminals. But alas can he trust them all? In fact can he trust the very person whom he had always considered his best friend and master? Does Ramaya finally realize the futility of the pursuit of a cause that got lost in the way or is it too late. 'Avgat' is an insight into the harsh realities of what crime world is all about and clearly condemns all those who seek crime as the last resort for a better livelihood.