Aas Ka Panchhi - DVD

Aas Ka Panchhi  -  DVD
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Aas Ka Panchhi - DVD

Star Cast:Actor / Actress-Rajendra Kumar, Shivraj, Sunder, Nazir Hussain,Vaijayanti Mala, Leela Chitnis

Director Mohan Kumar

Producer - Filmyug

Music Director - Shanker Jaikishan

Print type - Black and White

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Three friends, Rajan, Ramesh and Mangal. Rajan has things going for him because of his parents. Rajan, a simple soldier, in the army, loves his officer's daughter. He has won her over, but her father is a different matter. Mangal, woos and wins the plump daughter of the sweet meat seller. Life for him is today. Worries are for tomorrow. And when Rajan leaves for the battlefront, the friends and Neena, the army officer's daughter waits with bated breath.Will Rajan come back and marry Neena. Can Ramesh and Mangal see their friend again, happy and normal like them?