Aag - Raj Kapoor - DVD

Aag - Raj Kapoor - DVD
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Aag - Raj Kapoor - DVD Star Cast Raj Kapoor, Nigar Sultana, B M Vyas, Kamal Kapoor, Premnath,Nargis, Kamini Kaushal

Director - Raj Kapoor

Producer - R K Films

Music Director - Ram Ganguli

Print type - Black and White

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When did it happen? A hundred years ago when I was only ten, Kewal uttered in chocked voice. At the age of ten he had met his love. It was Nimi, Kewal and Nimi were school mates, playmates and shared their dreams. Both loved the stage. Just when their dreams were about to materialised Kewal had the greatest shock of his life and Nimi was snatched away from his leaving him sad and forlorn. The years failed to wipe out the thought of Nimi from Kewal's mind. He could not forget her. She was always in his thoughts. How could he forget? Who can? The past was as fresh as ever. Once again his heart warmed up at the sight of Nirmala whom he preferred to call as Nimi. He laid his heart at her feet. Nirmala was his college mate. But he was destined to meet another disappointment and Nirmala was engaged to be married to another. Kewal was left alone with his incomplete romances. He sang his meloncholy songs. His life assumed a darker aspect. Far, away some one is singing. `Koi ja ke use samjhai re, O Meri Maut se Pahelai ai re. It is a familiar voice and the sound is coming nearer. Is it the same person who ignited the first love in Kewal's heart or is it only an illusion which leaves the heart scorhed. As it comes nearer Kewal rubs his eyes twice to see the person more closely lest he might be mistaken for he cannot imagine his dreams are coming true. But it is Nimi-Nimi approaches him. Nimi who had a hundred years ago lightened a million torches in the dark corridors of his life.