Aaj Ke Sholay - (Children's Film) - DVD

Aaj Ke Sholay - (Children's Film) - DVD
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Aaj Ke Sholay - (Children's Film) - DVD

Starring -Actor /Actress - Amrish Puri, Sundarkrishna URS, Fighter Shetty, Bhanu Prakash, Prassanna, Arjun Sarja, Dinesh Babo,Jayanti, Manjala, Baby Indra, Baby Aruna

Director - S V Rajindra Singh

Producer -Ranjeet Films Combine's

Music Director - Satyam & Kamal Kant

Print type - Color

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Synopsis :

When two children are kidnapped after a birthday party, six intrepid kids set out to find the kidnapper�s hideout and rescue their friends. With the help of a history textbook, the children find the den of the kidnapper, an ancient fort. Determined to succeed, they take the help of a film crew, storm the hideout of the kidnapper and recover their friends. Along their way, they encounter wild animals, unfazed they carry on their mission.