Paisa Vasool - DVD

Paisa Vasool  - DVD
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Paisa Vasool - DVD

Actor/Actress :Manisha Koirala, Sushmita Sen, Makrand Deshpande


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Synopsis: 'Paisa Vasool' is a quirky thriller set in Mumbai. Sushmita Sen plays BABY, a struggling actress (a recent migrant from from Delhi) who is only getting to do item-numbers in movies and music-videos since she is taller than most of the heros! Manisha Koirala plays MARIA, a woman from a small town (who has run away from a cruel husband) who runs a bakery in Bandra and has inherited a big old bungalow. She is having a tough time dealing with real estate mafia and sundry goons. The two women meet by chance and begin to share a room in the bungalow. Their neighbour is a charming young man(Sushant Singh), who runs an STD phone-booth. They are ambitious and desperately dreaming of making a lot money and short cut to a better life. In a strange twist of events, the two women stumble upon a robbery. They impulsively decide to blackmail the crook into sharing the loot with them. What starts off as a prank very quickly turns into a dangerous game leading to murders and confusion. The two women have no choice left but to plot a revenge.