Parakh - DVD

Parakh  -  DVD
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Parakh - DVD

Starring/Cast:Sadhana, Vasant Chowdhury, Motilala

Director: Bimal Roy

Music: Salil Chowdhury..Memorable Melodies

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Synopsis: The peace and quiet of Radhapur village was shattered when the village postmaster received a cheque for five lakh rupees from Sir J. C. Roy. And who was to be the recipient? The cheque was to be presented to the best man in the village. And who would be the best man? Unsure of themselves, the village elders decided to put the question to a vote. This sets the cat among the pigeons. The doctor starts treating patients free, the village priest performs a miracle, the landlord writes off the debts of the villagers, and the sahukar gives free tube wells to the poor. The villagers have never had it so good. But as the day for voting draws near a clearer picture emerges. Muscle power is used, innuendos abound, confusing the villagers no end. Who will win the prize amount? Can the villagers select the right man? A tidy little gem from the master director Bimal Roy.