Oops - DVD

Oops - DVD
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)Oops -DVD

Starring/Cast: Kiran Janjani, Vikas Sethi, Adyasha, Mink Sing

Subtitles English

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Jahaan [Kiran Janjani], Aakash [Vikas Sethi] and Nikki [Adyasha] share a passion – dancing – and take up the profession as background dancers in films. Jahaan is a lower middle class guy living with his dipsomaniac father and aspires to be rich and powerful. Aakash is a rich heir and a dancer by choice. Nikki is a middle class girl in love with Jahaan, but is not sure about the way Jahaan's fundas of life work.

The three are busy performing as dancers in films and corporate shows till a very lucrative proposal comes their way from a film star – Sonia [Mink Singh]. She invites Jahaan to perform a strip show. Yearning to be rich and not wither out as a mere dancer, Jahaan instantly takes up the offer to be a male stripper. After a little cajoling, Aakash agrees to accompany Jahaan and both perform their first-ever strip show despite Nikki's discomfort.

Aakash opts out of doing more strip shows, Nikki is disillusioned by the way Jahaan has started behaving and Jahaan is crazily in love with his image as a casanova.

And this is where the journey to stardom begins for Jahaan… In his want and greed to be with the people of power and position in society, Jahaan and the rest land up in a situation which is OOPS!.