Om (The Ultimate Power of Love) - DVD

Om (The Ultimate Power of Love)  - DVD
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Om (The Ultimate Power of Love)

Starring/Cast: Attin Bhalla, Sandali Sinha, Mukesh Rishi, Sarad Saxena

Director: Ashok Honda

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Sandali is the pampered, arrogant daughter of Pankaj Dheer. She happens to meet Attin and takes an instant liking for him. The two fall in love but Sandali's father and step-mother Rakhi Sawant completely disapprove of the relationship because according to the will of Sandali's dead mother, the person who marries her would inherit Sandali's wealth.

Dheer and Rakhi are keen that she marries someone else. They even try every trick in the book to separate the lovers, but true love triumphs eventually.