Mafia - DVD

Mafia  - DVD
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Mafia - DVD

Starring/Cast:Dharmendra, Jay Mehta, Raza Murad, Somi Ali, Mohan Joshi

Director Vijay Mehta

Subtitles : English

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Mafia is an illegal organization that runs parallel Government. In fact, over the years, Mafia has grown more powerful than the government itself. Inspector Bhagat Singh (Aditya Pancholi) had that unfailing courage he dared Mafia leader Gawada (Charan Raj) who made futile attempts to buy him over. Bhagat Singh’s brother Jai Singh (Jai Mehta) is in love with Kiron ( Somi Ali) is daughter of police Commissioner Pawar ( Razar Murad). The eldest brother Fauji Ajit Singh ( Dharmendra) on hearing about Mafia advises Bhagat to fight it like a soldier . Ex-Mafia member parab Anna ( Gulshan Grover) provides information. And when Bhagat Singh becomes a threat to the survival of mafia he is murdered. Fauji, after losing faith in corrupt police vows to take revenge of his brother’s death, Jai too joins the mission. With support of a few policemen Mafia indulges in organized crime. The only hurdle in the despotic ways of Mafia is dedicated inspector Bhagat singh who refuses to become a puppet of the under-world and dares Mafia supermo Gawda. In Bhagat Singh’s fight against Mafia, an ex-member Parab Anna (Gulshan Grover) Provides information and strategy. Bhagat becomes a threat to the very survival of Mafia where after he is murdered by Mafia. When the deliberate and convert inaction of some corrupt police in the Bhagat Singh murder was exposed to Fauji Ajeet Singh the only course open to him was to lift the battle flag from Bhagat Singh’s dead hands and carry forward his mission to wipe the internal enemy from face ...