Lovers Like Us - DVD(2003)

Lovers Like Us  - DVD(2003)
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Lovers Like Us-DVD

Starring/Cast: Azeez Diana, Nimit Vaishnav, Sara Khan

Director: Gopichand

Subtitles : English

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Siddant(the hero)basically from Hyderabad gets a job as a visualiser in a reputed AD-Agency in Mumbai.He stays as a paying guest in Lisa's(the second female lead) apartment along with her boyfriend Keith(the secong lead)who wants to be an actor.As days pass by Siddant is witness the relationship of Keith and Kisa who are at loggerheads with each other all the time.Lisa tells Keith to mend his ways,but Keith snaps at her and abuses her and when Siddant tries to intervense he insults him too. Siddant has a colleague Daman,a bubbly and funny person who always has fun at the expense of others.One day Lisa finds that Keith is cheating on her and they end up fighting,she asks Keith to leave her house. Lisa and Siddant become good friends.One fine day on his way to the office Sidd finds a bag consisting of Rs 8 lakhs.He decides to return the money to its owner.Next day Daman informs him that the administator of a hospital has lost that cash.Sidd returns the money to the managing director of the hospital who withdraws the complaint filed against Kareena(the female lead)who is the administrator. Next day she invites Sidd for dinner to her house.They fall in love.Lisa looks up to Sidd for moral support.Sidd helps her in coming to terms with her life.Lisa misunderstands this to be love and on the day of her birthday they end up making love. Sidd explain to Lisa that it was mistake and they should put an end to this episode.Lisa agrees to his suggestion.Kareena and Sidd plan to get married but Lisa has something in store for them.She informs Sidd that she is pregnant.Sidd is flabbergasted after hearing this,Kareena overhears this and walks out.Sidd tries to explain to her but to no avail. What happens next watch out.