Parwana (Ajay Devgan) - DVD

Parwana (Ajay Devgan) - DVD
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Parwana (Ajay Devgan) - DVD

Actor/Actress : Ajay Devgan, Amisha Patel, Pooja Batra, Ketki Dav

Director Deepak Bahry

Brand/Distributor EROS/B4U

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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'PARWANA' is story of an orphan - who lives in a basti. He has one mission to help the poor people of basti - for that he does odd jobs without harming any body. In a very humours way a girl comes in his life- both like each other & they get married - but the destiny had something else for them, 'PARWANA' falls in to trap of villans who are the Traitors.

'PARWANA' is stamped as a traitor and he is behind the bars - whole mafia wants to kill him in jail. 'PARWANA' has no other way to prove innocent, he escape from jail.

Now the mission is to expose those vilians before the country and prove himself innocent.