Ittefaq (Rajesh Khanna) - DVD

Ittefaq (Rajesh Khanna)  - DVD
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Ittefaq (1969) -DVD

Starring/Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Nanda , Sujit Kumar

Director: Yash Chopra

Subtitles : English

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Synopsis: Dilip Roy is a Painter by profession and makes his living selling his paintings. He gets married to beautiful Sushma, who would like him to spend more with her than on paintings. When they get invited to their anniversary party, Sushma is all set, but Dilip must complete his painting, Sushma is displeased and snatches his paint brushes from his, an argument ensues, and Dilip grabs Sushma by the neck and chokes her to death. Sushma's sister, who witnesses this, calls the police, who arrive and arrest Dilip for murder. Dilip is produced before the courts, where he is sent for psychiatric evaluation to the care of Dr. Trivedi. However, Dilip escapes from this institute and breaks into a house with a lone married woman, Rekha, in it. Dilip decides to hole up here for sometime. Meanwhile the police have been informed, believing him a danger to others, they have launched a manhunt. Dilip decides to remain in Rekha's house for sometime until the police leave the area...

A lonely night… A comfortable house… a beautiful girl alone. Rekha (Nanda) switches on the ratio and hears that a lunatic murderer has escaped from the mental asylum.

The door bursts open and Dilip Roy (Rajesh Khanna) enters. That is when a chance encounter turns a quiet night in to a nightmare - Rekha is reduced to a prisoner in her own house. Roy had no alternative, but to take refuge in the first house that came his way, since he is on the run from the police. But these few hours in that house become a small world where a larger than life drama takes place from midnight to down. Ittefaq is a story of just one night, one man, one woman and one big coincidence.