Inth Ka Jawab Patthar - DVD

Inth Ka Jawab Patthar - DVD
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Inth Ka Jawab Patthar-DVD

Starring/Cast: Puru Raj Kumar, Divya Datta, Sudesh Berry, Deepek Shirke

Director: Mithu SIngh

Subtitles : English

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B.K. of B.K. Builders has glorified his business on gunpoint. He has a gang of shooters and dreadful con at his command, who operate to let B.K. have the best sited lands in the metropolis and also conduct forceably extracting regular money (HAFTA) from the frightened builders. B.K.'s terror would have never come to an end if revolutionary young builder Devendra hadn't pledged to hook B.K. and ruined his regime once for all. But it was not an easy task for Devendra corrupted Police and a Minister Gajanan Garate were fostering B.K.'s interests. B.K. was shaken from top to bottom, knowing that Mohan Das has sold his land to Devendra instead of him. Abide by his principles, Mohan Das never agreed with B.K. to build a casino on his ancestral land but a big school to educate children, B.K. had never faced defeat. He killed Mohan Das and framed Devendra and webbed him in his vicious network. But Devendra had the nerves of steel and a body of iron in which dwells a sharp mind to counter attack B.K's tricks and tactics. His mission to build the school on Mohan Das land and fulfil the wish of poor soul. To break the monopoly of B.K. and relieve the oppressed builders. To unmask the currupt minister, Gajanan Garate and the corrupted police officers. To prove himself innocent before Police Commissioner and C.B.I officers. He had to mount an operation with vengeance and kill B.K. the killer of his parents