Share Bazaa r- DVD

Share Bazaa r- DVD
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Share Bazaar-DVD

Starring/Cast: Anil Nagrath, Anjana Mumtaz, Anupam Kher, Archana Puran Singh, Birbal, Dimple Kapadia, Goga Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Jankidas, Pankaj Udhas, Shahbaaz Khan, Shammi Kapoor, Sheeba, Tinu Anand, Yunus Parvez

Director: Manmohan

Subtitles : English

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Share Bazaar is the story of a poor young beggar Raja, installed as a rich youth and Shekhar, the rich, in turn, is trapped in a drug case.

This was done by Share Bazaar Broker Mansukh Mehta, his brother Hasmukh Mehta and an associate Navinbhai just for the fun of it. But Raja, along with Mehta Brother's office secretary Ritu, not only revealed and exposed the frauds being played by brokers who planned a Financial Scam and also Budget Leakage with the help of a political leader and Suryavanshi Swami, who in turn were in league with some M.P.'s and ministers to help in the illegal designs for the corruption and ill-gotten wealth.

But Raja also installed Shekhar at his rightful place, with the help of a call girl Rekha, who was hired to trap Shekhar, but helped him along with Raja and pulled him out of the false case. C.B.I., C.I.D.& Police force succeeded in nabbing the culprits of Share Bazaar, their associates from banks and corrupt government servants along with Swami Suryavanshi. C.I.D. Inspector Kiran played a very important role in tracing the truth, trapping the culprits and was honoured for her honest dedication to duty.Raja got reward and Ritu both, Shekhar took Rekha as his life partner. C.I.D. Inspector Kiran was promoted to a higher position.