Mardangi - DVD

Mardangi  - DVD
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Mardangi - DVD

Director: S.R Pratap

Actor/Actress: Aman Virk,Hemant Birje,Dara Singh, Archana Joglekar,Neeta Kapoor,Anjana Mumtaj

Sub Titles in: English

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Raja Ajit Singh, a jagirdar of Surazgarh was respected by all for his principles and justice. However his son Vikram Singh is adamant and stubborn. He meets a man to match him in his valour and strength in Shanker, who fights him in the annual Basant Panchami Mela. Shanker wins the fight and subsequently the village girl Sona, who Vikram also loves. This irks Vikram Singh. The situation is used to an advantage by a security officer. Vikram’s mind is poisoned against his father and the villagers. But Vikram succeds in fighting against the enemies and exposing their tricks in front of the Raja. He thus proves his ‘Mardangi’.