Marte Dam Tak - DVD

Marte Dam Tak  - DVD
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Marte Dam Tak - DVD

Actor/Actress: Raj Kumar, Govinda, Farha, Shakti Kapoor, Om Puri

Director - Mehul Kumar

Sub Titles in: English

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An honest police officer with the law and the power of his uniform on his side, begins his battle against vices and lies, his target is the criminals who operate behind respectable masks. But his adversaries are too powerful. The police officer feels like a small fish in a sea of crimes ruled by the shark of crime, vices & lies. He loses the battle, but not the war.

He takes a pledge to wipe out the crime and the criminals. A time comes when he takes the law in his own hands and becomes a big criminal himself. But a criminal with a difference. Because he is a man with a mission and keeps on fighting his personal war till death.