Milenge Milenge - DVD

Milenge Milenge  - DVD
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Milenge Milenge - DVD

Producer: Boney Kapoor Surinder Kapoor

Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Actor/Actress: Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Satish Shah, Delnaz Paul, Aarti Chabria

Director Satish Kaushik

Sub Titles in: English

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Synopsis :

Priya Malhotra (Kareena Kapoor) is an orphan who hopes to have a family of her own and keeps a diary outlining her dreams and the type of man she wants to meet – someone who does not drink, smoke or tell lies. She is skeptical when her friend Honey's (Delnaaz Paul) aunt, a card reader, Sunita Rao (Kirron Kher), predicts that she will go to a foreign land and find the love of her life in seven days. She is pleasantly surprised when she is selected to go to a Youth Festival in Bangkok. That is where Amit (Immy) (Shahid Kapoor) is seen, a young drunkard, chain smoker and a foolproof liar, a guy Priya would not like. One night, when Priya is asleep, Immy is being chased and accidentally runs into Priya's room, where he sees her and falls in love. He takes her diary, reads it, copies it, and then replaces it. He pretends to be the total guy Priya wants to be with, but when she finds out how Immy really is, they both break-up, and Priya leaves Bangkok to Delhi.

When she meets Immy again, he tells her that destiny wanted them together. Priya challenges him that if destiny did want them together, they would both find them again in future. In order to prove it, she asks Immy to write his name and phone number on a 50 Rupee note and uses the same note to buy a Numberology book where she writes her own name and phone number and further she sells it in market at second hand rate. If she receives the same note again and if Immy finds that book with her name and number on it, then it will prove that they love each other and its destiny that wants them together. Three years later, Priya finds the currency note and realizes that she is actually in love with Immy. She finds him and they get married.