Mitti (Ferdous Ahmed) - DVD

Mitti (Ferdous Ahmed)  - DVD
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Mitti (Ferdous Ahmed) - DVD

Starring/Cast:Ferdous Ahmed ,Sharbani Mukherji ,Rani Rajkumar ,Arif Zakaria ,Kulbhushan Kharbanda ,Mukesh Tiwari

Director Iqbal Durrani

Subtitles : English

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Deva, from a village in Bihar comes to city in Calcutta with Dadaji for his medical treatment. He meets his freinds from the village, who are working hard to earn living.

Deva loves Pooja who stays in a hostel. Pooja likes western clothes but is totally Indian by heart. Deva is shocked when he is told that Dadaji is having cancer. One day they go temple where circumstances compel Deva to slap Paglajaan. Paglajaan is the don of the city. Paglajaan controls himself at the moment but takes horrendous revenge.

Deva starts killing Paglajaans men by one. Paglajaan in a fit of rage retaliates dead bodies. Deva grieves for them & punishes Paglajaan in such a way which is beyond imagination.