Nadaan - DVD(Yash Raj)

Nadaan  - DVD(Yash Raj)
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Nadaan -DVD(Yash Raj)

Starring/Cast: Navin Nischol, Asha Parekh, Madan Puri, Nirupa Roy, Asit Sen, Mohan Choti, Mukri

Director Deven Varma

Brand/Distributor Yashraj

Subtitles : English

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Nadaan (the innocent) is a romantic musical set in the picturesque 'Deonar' forest of Himachal Pradesh. Nadaan is the story of Seema (Asha Parekh) who is brought up in the jungles as a boy by a widower. Orphaned at a young age to fend for her self and how love brings her joy, grief and ultimate happiness is the main story line of this film. Interestingly woven around a mother (Nirupa Roy) and son (Navin Nischol) relationship. Set to the ever-melodious music of Shankar-Jaikishen, the score includes hit songs like 'Bol Nadaan Dil' and 'Jeevan Bhar Dhoonda Jisko'. Nadaan was the directorial debut of well-known actor Deven Varma.