Bheja Fry 2- Vinay Minnisha - INDIAN MOVIE HINDI DVD

<b>Bheja Fry 2- Vinay Minnisha - INDIAN MOVIE HINDI DVD</b>
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Bheja Fry 2- Vinay Minnisha-INDIAN MOVIE HINDI DVD

Directed by Sagar Ballary

Produced by Mukul Deora

Screenplay by Sharad Kataria,Sagar Ballary

Starring - Vinay Pathak Kay Kay Menon Minisha Lamba Suresh Menon Amol Gupte

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Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak), the nerd of Bheja Fry 1 returns with all his irritating quirks. This time, he has won himself a free trip on a luxury cruise and is determined to rock the boat for most of the revelers, specially the tax evader, tycoon Kay Kay Menon. In between, he manages to find a potential love interest in Minisha Lamba... at least that's what he thinks.