Ram Tere Kitne Naam - DVD

Ram Tere Kitne Naam  - DVD
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Ram Tere Kitne Naam - DVD

Starring/Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Rekha, Prem Chopra, Lalita Pawar

Director - P Madhvan

Subtitles : English

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Lord Shri Ram has so many names.Just like that our Ram (Sanjeev kumar)also has got so many names--Ram,Peturam,Lalluram and Rajkumar. Ram likes to eat a lot and for that there is betting in the village. Ram has nobody in this world except his grandmother(Lalita Pawar)-and-some friends who are studying in the school.In the spare time they play with Ram, and take advantage of his innocence . One day these boys tell Ram that Radha(Rekha) the sister of Zamindar Tejsingh(Prem Chopra) has fallen in love with him. Ram believes them and starts loving Radha. One day he goes to Zamindar and asks for the hand of Radha. Zamindar and his friends first make fun of his poverty and then beat him mercilessly. Ram vows that one dy he will become a big man and marry his sister Radha. Radha who always sympathesized with Ram, now falls in love with him. She promises Ram that she will wait for him for whole life.