Shaadi - DVD(1960)

Shaadi - DVD(1960)
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Shaadi - DVD

Starring/Cast: Dharmendra, Saira Banu, Manoj Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Om Prakash

Director:R. Krishnan, S. Panju

Subtitles : English

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An elder patriarch Ratan Malhotra (Balraj Sahni, and his wife Shanti -Sulochana. His happy household consists of his younger brother Ramesh (Dharmendra) and Gauri (Saira Banu). Ramesh marries Kala (Indrani), daughter of a rich, well placed judge. Gauri's marriage is fixed with the son Raja (Manoj Kumar) of greedy businessman Daulatram (Om Prakash). However due to unfortunate circumstances (a plane accident where he's lost his memory), Ramesh is unable to reach the wedding in time with the dowry money leading to Daulatram walking off immediately after culmination of the marriage rituals, with his son in the tow.

Raja and Gauri meet in Bombay where Gauri realizes that Raja is her husband and wanting to make it big on his own. Ratan and Shanti on the other hand end up in Bombay in search of Gauri and face an embittered Kala, who blames them for Ramesh's amnesiac state, insults them and throws them out of the house.

Ramesh recovers his memory and returns to his village only to realize that in his absence, his sister's wedding was called off due to lack of money and his older brother had to sell of their ancestral property to repay the loan. Holding Kala responsible, he separates and begins his search for his brother.