Sar Ankhon Par - DVD

Sar Ankhon Par - DVD
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Sar Ankhon Par-DVD

Starring/Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Ayesha Julka, Helen, Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh

Director : Gyan Sahay

Subtitles : English

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'Sar Ankhon Par' is a movie about film industry. Dilip Joshi is a small time actor but he is popular in the film industry for his jovial nature. His wife was a stunt artiste who died in an accident. His son grows up as an infant. He hates the film industry which had snatched away his mother. He works as a librarian. Anouksha inspires to be an actress and Dilip introduces her to N. Chandra. She wants to do something in return for Dilip. He asks her to make his son happy. Mukul Dev is another character who gives Anouksha some tips and she pretends to be in love with his son. The climax follows thereafter.