Sarhad Paar - DVD

Sarhad Paar - DVD
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Sarhad Paar -DVD(2007)

Starring/Cast:Sanjay Dutt, Tabu, Mahima Choudhary,Chandrachur Singh, Rahul Dev, Akash Khurana, Satyen Kappu,

Director Raman Kumar

Brand/Distributor Adlabs

Subtitles : English

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Army man Ranjit Singh [Sanjay Dutt] returns home after a long time. Declared missing in action after he inadvertently crossed the border, Ranjit went through trauma and torment as a prisoner across the border. Amongst the faces to greet Ranjit on his return is that of his wife Pammi [Tabu] and sister Simran [Mahima Chaudhary]. They are happy that their loved one is back, but are shocked to see his condition. In the Army Hospital, Ranjit is trying to recuperate from the horrifying experiences he has gone through. He sees a face every time he shuts his eyes, only to reopen them in a state of confusion. He has lost his memory, but can only remember this face.

Meanwhile, Pammi and Simran try to help Ranjit to get back to normal life, but in vain. Disappointed, Pammi begins giving up hope when Simran vows to bring Ranjit back to his normal self. How she will do this, no one knows, but she has the support of Ravi [Chandrachur Singh], a folk singer whom she is engaged to. Simran's efforts pay off and Ranjit discovers the root cause of his pathetic condition. His tormentor was Bhaktavar [Rahul Dev], a mercenary terrorist associated with traitors in India.

While Ranjit tries to fight the enemy within and Pammi tries to recapture the glorious moments with her husband, Simran is caught in the emotional dilemma between supporting her brother in his fight against his oppressor and fulfilling her marital commitment to the man she has tied the knot for life.