Satta Bazaar - DVD(1960)

Satta Bazaar  -  DVD(1960)
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Satta Bazaar - DVD

Director: Ravindra Dave:

Music: Kalyan ji Anand Ji

Actor/Actress: Meena Kumari, Tanuja, Balraj Sahni, Johny Walker

Sub Titles in: English

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Jamuna is married to Ramesh, a well setteled businessman who has daughter Kala from his first wife. She tries atmost to be substitue for Kalas real mother. She gives her love and affection but the girl ridicules her and shows extreme contempt for the new mother. Kala is in love with Shyam .Ramesh opposes their marriage and calls it "an impossibility" because the lovers have different castes and come from different provinces. Jamuna comes to the rescue of the yound lovers. She argues with Ramesh that the world has gone a long way ahead and that entrenched caste prejudices should not be allowed to come in the way of these young innocent lovers. Jamuna succeeds in her just stand, Kala is moved to tears she embraces Jamuna calling 'Maa' . Kala is engaged to Shyam. 'Fate has to play.' Ramesh gets entangled with a money crazy gambler Badri Prasad. Satta Bazaar with all its traditional glory, does to Ramesh what it had been doing in the past to the human race. Jamuna denounces gambling and proceeds but Ramesh does not give up till it lowers him to a down right manaic gambler and riuns him and his family. He becomes a target of society and has to force the brunt of his daughetrs un-happiness and the tortures which his wife and child from Jamuna have to under go. How eventually the situation is solved which ultimately brings family together and brings a dawn of realization to Ramesh that gambling and the money procured by it arenot the only means of higher and better living.