Phool- DVD

Phool- DVD
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Phool- DVD

Actor/Actress: Madhuri Dixit, Kumar Gaurav, Sunil Dutt, Akash Khurana,

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Life is a "FLOWER" (Phool) symbol of truth, purity and fragrance. "PHOOL" is the story of two lovely children Raju and Guddi, the son and daughter of two very dear friends, who promised to marry them when they grew up. Dharamraj went away to a big city where he soon became a prosperous multi - millionaire construction magnate. Balram stayed back and continued with his farming. Raju was sent to America for higher studies. Guddi & Raju were thus separated in childhood itself. Dharamraj, forgetting his bygone pledge to wed his son to Guddi, goes ahead and confirms his son's engagement to his senior partner Rajeshwar Daya's only daughter. However Raju's grandmother tells Raju of his childhood relationship and engagement with Guddi. Raju is hurt too deeply. He writes to Guddi who replies back but not with love, but with hatred. The story of dashing Raju as to how he resolves all this and how he persuades his father and forces him to keep his old promise.