Phir Wahi Raat - DVD

Phir Wahi Raat  -  DVD
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Phir Wahi Raat - DVD

Actor/Actress - Rajesh Khanna, Kim, Shashikala, Danny Denzongpa, Aruna Irani, A.K. Hangal, Suresh Oberoi, Lalita Pawar,

Director Danny Denzongpa

Brand/Distributor B4U/EROS

Genre Film, Drama

Sub Titles in: English

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When Asha was a child her mother was a strangulated to death by her lunatic Aunty. Asha never forgot that incident even when she grew up. She often had nightmares of that horrible night. During her stay in the convent, she often used to scream in her dreadful dreams. As a result, the other girls of the convent were getting sick day by day and becoming scared too. Doctor Vijay & Asha are in love with each other. He knows Asha’s case history. Asha and her room-mate friend Shobha go back to her old home, where the actual tragedy happened, now Asha starts seeing the uncanny, weird face of a strange women. Meanwhile, Asha’s cousin Ashok, who was settled abroad, returns home and throws a party on Asha’s birthday. Duriing the party, when Asha finds the same strange woman, who used to haunt her, she straightway stabs her with the knife. The woman is reported to have come from abroad just this day. How it’s possible ? How could she appear before Asha often in her house? The mystery thickens and now see how it is unfolded.