Jaanam Samjha Karo - DVD

Jaanam Samjha Karo - DVD
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Jaanam Samjha Karo - DVD

Actor/Actress : Salman Khan,Urmila,Shammi Kapoor

Genre Film, Romantic, Drama

Subtitles English

Sub Titles in: English

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JAANAM SAMJHA KARO is a beautiful tale about the highs and lows of human aspirations and the dreams and hopes that makes life interesting. Chandini is a night club dancer who struggles through her existence with the fond hope that someday some knight in shining armor will come in her life and take her away from the not so respectful profession which circumstances have force her into will make her see life through a love tinted kaleidoscope, and also rescue her from the clutches of Daniel, the night club owner where she is employed. Her three aunts however keep taunting her that no such person is ever going to come in her life and she should resign herself to the life she is leading, prince charming arrives in the form of Rahul, a filthy rich young handsome debonair most eligible bachelor of the town. One look at Rahul, and the chemistry called Love strikes Chandini. She swoons at the sight of him. Her dreams are however soon shattered when she realizes that for Rahul the matter of the heart is a business of the fools and he treats her just as one of his many flings. But Rahul too is shocked when he realizes that Chandini is now pushover. He steely character becomes a challenge to him. He vows to conquer her but is unable to break the barrier of Chandini’s staunch principles of an orthodox Indian Girl. Chandini now in desperation and fed up of Rahul’s persuasive charms accepts to perform in London. As luck would have it she accidentally bumps into Rahul in London. Rahul now has a golden opportunity to once again trap Chandini in his love nest. However, a chance meeting of Chandini with Rahul’s grandfather fondly called ‘Dadaji’ changes Chandini’s life.