Zakhmee - DVD(1970)

Zakhmee - DVD(1970)
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Zakhmee - DVD

Starring/Cast: Sunil Dutt, Asha Parekh, Reena Roy, Rakesh Roshan, Jhony Walker

Director Raja Thakur

Brand/Distributor B4U/EROS

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

Category DVD

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Zakhmee tells the story of a man Anand, who in this mercenary world of ours, has to take upon himself the dangers and burdens of a fight for justice against an organised gang of criminals, who in the disguise of respectable citizens, are more vicious than hydra-headed cobras.

Anand is a hard-working, honest youngman, who dedicates himself to the welfare of his younger brothers, Amar and Pawan, schooling in London, and his little sister Tina, who is schooling at a boarding school in Simla. He drives to Simla to bring his little sister Tina to spend her Christmas vacation with him. A young teacher Asha, who stays back in the empty hostel to keep company with Tina.

Three now leave Simla for home Anand and Asha come closer to each other and Anand proposes to marry Asha. Anand's younger brothers Amar and Pawan, also arrive in time to prepare for the celebration for the wedding ceremony of Anand and Asha......