Zamane Se Kya Darna - DVD(1990)

Zamane Se Kya Darna - DVD(1990)
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Zamane Se Kya Darna -DVD

Starring/Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Gulshan Grover,Reema Lagu, Raza Murad, Shakti Kapoor

Director Bobby Raaj

Brand/Distributor EROS/B4U

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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Virendra Singh lives wealthy lifestyle in Bommbay, India, along with his wife, Shalini, and son, Vikram. He gambles on Diwali, loses all his money, borrows a large amount from his friend, Gajendra Singh, ends up losing this too, and returns home along with Gajendra and his brother to try and repay as much as he can. When Gajendra's brother attempts to molest Shalini, Virendra's kills him and flees. He boards a bus which meets with an accident, leaving only two survivors - himself and a young heiress named Anju. He adopts her, looks after her estate and assumes a new name, Sardar Rajpal, and becomes wealthy over time. Years later Anju has grown up and finds out about her foster father's tragic story and decides to try and re-unite this family. She posts two advertisements in Bombay's newspapers, to hire an Estate Manager, as well as asking for the whereabouts of Shalini and Vikram...